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Getting Ready: Cabin One

imageCabin One was purchased in 2012 and moved to the village in time for the first on site fundraising event. It was a used unit, and as such, there was a lot to be done to make it inhabitable. It had two bedrooms, a shared main living area and bathroom. Extensive work needed to be done to gut the unit and rebuild it. It needed to have the inside walls rebuilt and the ceiling dropped so it could be insulated properly. John and volunteers worked as funding allowed to purchase building supplies.

Occassionally work comes to a stop on building the village due to working around volunteers work schedules or the weather being bad. I believe that if John had the funding and manpower, everything would be done already.

image The farm had a trailer and an outbuilding that were not salvageable. With the help of volunteers, neighbors, friends, and teens looking to do a little service work, the old buildings were cleared and Cabin One moved to utilize the septic tank, water lines, and electrical hookups in place. This saved thousands of dollars and many hours of labor due to not having to dig and install new lines or tank. Materials that could be recycled, reused, where put aside or hauled off.

it took a couple of weekends for volunteers  to pick up all the debris once the buildings where dismantled. Insulation and other light weight materials got caught in gusts of wind and blew about the farm.


Between working their day jobs and taking care of their own family homes, folks also dedicated many hours of hard work and money to preparing Cabin One. Volunteers include kind hearted neighbors, friends who would spend a day or a weekend, and fellow veterans who believe in the dream and want to see it happen.

Once the walls were completed and the bathroom installed, things started to happen faster. After a weekend of dedicated scrubbing and putting finishing touches on the electrical and water connections, final inspection was scheduled. There was a bit of an issue with water pressure, but that was quickly resolved and the under pinning of the trailer was set in place.

imageLisa, John, and a few volunteers made a list of things needed to furnish the home, and a few items that had been donated were put in place. There are twin beds, but no frames. There is a dressing cabinet for each resident (but you’ll read about that in another post). Using donated furniture and other home items where appropriate, and purchasing new or receiving new items as donations, things are coming together.

Donations thus far: towels and wash clothes for each veteran to have their own set, 4 person set of Correll dishes, silverware for 4, some bedding and new pillows for each veteran, 1 night stand/side table, storage containers for in the kitchenette, bedspreads, wall art, kitchen linens, and other various items that this blogger does not know of at the time of this posting.

if you would like to get involved please contact John Vanover at vanover3@hotmail.com. Or visit the Village’s Facebook page: Vanover Veterans Village.