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Dogs Of the Village

Pull into the driveway at the Village and chances are, you’ll have a welcoming committee at your vehicle door before you are in park. Don’t worry, they’re friendly, loveable attention hogs in canine form. All visitors are welcomed with gusto if they see you arrive. They’re just happy to hear a kind word and get a friendly pat on the head before heading off for another adventure or plopping down in the yard for their next nap.


ZELLA is the original farm dog. During the first fundraising event for the Village, she was quite plump and lazy due to being ready to birth her pups. She had a large litter of what folks around the farm refered to as “bagels”. They were cute little things and homes were found quickly for them. Zella likes to go camping when she has the chance.

Then we have BELLA, who’s part German Shepard mixed with polite food thief. Bella would like to be a lap dog, but only half of her will fit into your lap. The rest hangs over. She’s a lover for sure. I think the only thing she loves more than attention is food. If you don’t secure it, your food will come up missing. Prior to coming to live at the farm, she got so excited about birthday cake, she took it off the counter almost as soon as it came out of the oven, set the pan on the floor, ate the contents and licked it clean with no mess left behind. Her owner found the clean pan on the floor with no sign on the cake other than on Bella’s breath.

RASCAL is a scruffy little mixed breed dog who used to visit from the neighboring farm. When John and Lisa found out the neighbors were moving, they arranged to adopt “scruffy” and he’s fit right in with the girls. Smallest of the three, he’ll steal your heart.