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Welcome Home to the First Resident


The board members share a “Welcome Home!” cake with John, the first resident.


It took three and a half years of planning, hard work, and prayer, but it’s been worth it. There were veterans who showed interest in living in the Village starting in November 2014. One veteran came out to stay, but he lasted one night, but he was gone in the morning, preferring to live in his car. Another possible resident preferred to live alone instead of sharing the cabin with another veteran. Perhaps there will be single resident cabins in the future, but for now, two residents will share the first cabin. The Village is there to help homeless veterans, however, some veterans are not ready to be part of the Village. 
On Monday, April 20th, with the offer of a warm bed, hot meals in his belly, and a peaceful, safe place to live, Seaman John Farnan, Navy, became the first resident of the Village. During the week, he’s been to the doctor for a check up, gotten settled into the cabin, and received some much needed rest. He’ll have a few more appointments to take care of health issues, but overall, John is in reasonable good health.

The board members had a good time sharing cake with John and getting to know him. George, the board president, had fun swapping stories, making everyone laugh. If you get a chance to stop by, come meet John and hang out on the porch. There may not be cake, but there’s always hospitality.