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Kroger Community Rewards 64393 / PFC Richard L. Vanover Veterans Village

The Village (via John) applied to participate in the Kroger Community Rewards Program and was accepted. I wasn’t sure how it works, so I checked out the Kroger’s web sight. You sign up with the Kroger company by registering your rewards card and then Kroger’s will give a portion of what you spend (it comes out of their profits) to the Village. Simple!

There’s a link at Just make sure you have your Kroger Rewards card handy. If you don’t have one, they’re free at any Kroger store. You’ll also need the organization number (NPO) which is 64393, and the organization name: PFC Richard L. Vanover Veterans Village.

I’ve got my Kroger Rewards card registered and I hope you’ll do the same. If you would like to know about other ways you can help build the Village, give them a call or shoot them an email. The folks there enjoy telling what progress they’ve made and where they are headed next. It’s a nice drive if you want make a little road trip to see them.

You can contact the Village:
Mail: Attn. John Vanover – 3080 Elrod Road – Somerset , Kentucky 42503
Phone: (606) 416-4543


Cabin One: Giving Thanks for Progress

It’s mid-November, a time when the Village celebrates the birthdays of family members and friends. It’s a time when thoughts of holiday preparations are foremost in the minds and hearts of everyone. It’s also a time when work slows down as volunteers spend more time with their own families. The Village is blessed with volunteers who still give, even if it’s not physical labor. This past week resulted in a load of items being donated by kind folks out of the Lexington area.

Despite the onset of winter weather, things are steadily happening at the Village. John and Lisa are waiting for reclining chairs for the living area to be delivered. A request has been made to a local business for new beds With hope that they will be put in place If the weather cooperates, volunteer workers will have the porch railed and new steps installed by the end of the month, if not before Thanksgiving.


The bathroom is getting decked out with fresh towels, a new shower curtain, shelving to hold towels, a rug, trash can, mirror, and a few organizer bins under the sink to hold items for the residents. Things needed to finish the space are hooks to hang used towels, a toilet paper holder, and globes for the lights over the sink.

An area rug was donated, which will help keep the living area warmer by adding a layer to the flooring. It’s nice to have a soft rug under your feet while relaxing or watching television, and hopefully the veterans will feel comfortable enough to kick off their shoes. Along with the rug, a side table and tv stand, as well as an older style tv were given for use in the unit. It’s not a priority, but perhaps a newer, more modern set will be donated for the veterans to enjoy.

The kitchenette has been decked out with knobs; a coat of polyurethane is planned so the wood is protected. Shelving is being installed above the sink for dish storage, and a fold down table is being considered for the area due to space constraints. Dishes, silverware, some drinking glasses, and storage containers have been donated, but the Village can always use more. They also have a small rug for the sink area as well as dish towels and clothes to help the residents keep their area clean. Currently the Village is trying to locate a refrigerator and microwave.

Cabinets for the bedrooms have drawers, shelves, and a small hanging section in them. There also is lock so the resident can secure important items. Residents will have room to add a small chair to their room, if they wish, or rearrange to make it more homey and suit their needs. Each resident will be furnished a pillow, sheet set and quilt when they first move in. The Village is looking for donations of extra pillows and bed linens (twin bed size do) so there are extras as needed. Blankets are also needed, as a sheet and quilt won’t be warm enough during the winter.

Knowing the residents will be coming in soon, I know John, Lisa, and the Village Board of Directors are thankful for all the help that has come over the past few years. Volunteerism comes in many forms. Through raising funds, gathering supplies, physical labor, or just being a sounding board, the Village is becoming a reality. And even though I know not all those who volunteered will see this, I just want to thank you all on behalf of my friends at the Village. Without you, there’s no way this can happen.